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BROWNSIDE is a Mexican-American gangster rap group that originated from the streets of South Central Los Angeles, California.
Discovered in 1993 by the God father of gangster rap, the late EAZY-E, the group originally consisted of rappers TOKER (Gilbert Izquierdo) WICKED (Pierre Lamas) and DANGER (R.I.P) (Carlos Martinez) whom was killed in 1996. Originally, EAZY-E's intentions on signing BROWNSIDE to Ruthless Records was to create a Mexican-American version of the critically acclaimed rap group N.W.A., TOKER was introduced to music attorney Bob Lieberman, by a good friend who heard a demo cassette tape of a few songs that TOKER had recorded with his homies messing around in the recording studio, including the single "Gang Related". After hearing BROWNSIDE's music, Bob Lieberman knew exactly who to call and put him in contact with and the rest is history.

TOKER met EAZY-E and the two developed a brother/homie one of a kind friendship up until EAZY-E's unfortunate death in 1995. It is said that towards the end of EAZY-E's life he was attracted to Mexican-American rap in California and who better to break into the market with. BROWNSIDE has been known to use "SUREÑO" (Southern California) slang in their lyrics, as well as album covers to keep their image (SOUTHSIDE BLUE).

BROWNSIDE was one of the most promising Latin rap group coming straight from the streets of South Central Los Angeles, California. BROWNSIDE's line-up included members TOKER, DANGER and WICKED. In 1994, they were signed to EAZY-E's Ruthless Records label and released only one single entitled "Gang Related". However, they did record one [known] track with Eric "EAZY-E" Wright entitled "EASTSIDE DRAMA" which was not released at the time. 

After EAZY-E died on 26 March 1995, BROWNSIDE decided to leave Ruthless Records label after EAZY's Passing. "Eastside Drama", their debut album Eastside Drama released early 1997 was recorded at the G-Spot Studio in El Monte California with the God father of Hip-Hop producer TONY G. featured a Mexican-American version of EAZY-E's megahit "Boyz n the Hood", called "Vatos In The Varrio", whom EAZY-E personally approved of. One day driving back from Ruthless Records with TOKER smoking a fat joint on a Friday evening fighting traffic on the 101 heading back to L.A. looked over at TOKER and said "Man I've been thinking, I want you to do re-do the song that put me on the Mothafucken Map in 'span-glish' (Spanish and English), he said "Boyz N The Hood".....and once again, as they say..the rest is HISTORY.

BROWNSIDE's main image was that they aren't 'Rappers Trying To Be Gangsters', They are 'Gangsters Trying To Be Rappers', TOKER made that statement on a live radio interview with Julio G from radio station KBRN. Their greatest hardship came in 1997 when group member DANGER was killed. As a result of his death BROWNSIDE's TOKER and WICKED had to finish their 1997 debut LP "Eastside Drama" with out him. The first single from that LP was "Life On The Streets" a song that DANGER and both TOKER & DANGER had wrote, about living life in the gang infested streets they lived in.